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Obama Care Health Insurance is the most advanced kind of Personal Health Insurance that you can have in the United States today. Many people by their droves have been helping themselves to this medical relief system. And we at the Health Insurance Shop provide our customers from all across Angola, Auburn, Bluffton, Fort Wayne, Huntington and Kendallville in Indiana, and beyond, the very best and most inexpensive medical insurance services that they could ask for.

Obama Care

It is the colloquial name for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that was brought about by the President of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama on the 23rd of March, 2010. This Act mainly concentrates upon bettering the healthcare insurance services throughout the country and therefore, in turn improves the chances for Americans to extract the maximum benefits from their insurance covers.

The new changes that had been brought forward through this Act are significant. Now, you can get yourself covered even if your health history is a bit patchy. Earlier, that was not the case. Furthermore, now you can get your own coverage under your parents’ plan till you are 26 years of age. Like this there are plenty more changes that have transformed the face of medical insurance in America.

Obama cares indeed!

You must insure your personal health

We, at the Health Insurance Shop promote the concept of insuring your health, pro-actively – not just because we sell insurance policies, but also because the whole idea of medical insurance is fantastic and aims at making your life easier, when you are going through a rough time with an accident or some sort of tremendous illness.

Personal health plans cover all the situations that come under the umbrella of personal medical adversity. When you’ve had an accident and have been admitted to the hospital, the last situation that you would want to face is that you are short of money and cannot pay for your own recovery.

We make sure that that does not happen and your health is covered significantly by the insurance policies we offer. Call us now!