Make the most of cheap health insurance policies

Most of you think that your health insurance coverage only pays for your hospitalization expenses. But this is not the truth. Along with paying for hospitalization bills, it offers a lot of under-publicized benefits which remain unused because of lack of awareness. We at Health Insurance Shop offer cheap health insurance covers and also educate our clients about its different benefits. So joining hands with us will be a wise decision. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Angola, IN, Auburn, IN and Fort Wayne IN.

The hidden benefits of using health insurance plans

  • Hospital cash allowance on a daily basis- along with covering the hospitalization cost there are some health insurance policies that offer hospital cash allowance on a daily basis, such as the money spent while commuting amid home and hospital, the expenditure incurred on food and refreshments and so on
  • Convalescence benefit- there are some health insurance covers that look after the recovery expenses of the insured. Known as a recuperating benefit it will offer a lump sum during the insured’s prolonged hospital stay which is generally between 7-10 days.
  • Alternative treatment- there are some plans that also cover alternative treatment such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Unani up to a certain extent provided it is taken under a government hospital
  • Treatment at home- most health insurance policies widen their coverage to include the domiciliary treatment.
  • The cost associated to organ donors- transplantation surgery is likely to put a lot of stress on the insured emotionally and financially. Besides the recipient’s organ treatment cost and the expenses of the donor are also associated within the hospital bill.
  • Critical illnesses- generally most health insurance policies cover costly procedures such as chemotherapy and dialysis but there are some that provide coverage for specific critical illness.

With so many benefits under one single cover why not invest in it and reap unlimited benefits. To know more speak to our experts today.