4 factors that affect and don’t affect health insurance premiums under OCHL

Most worrisome customers in and around Fort Wayne, IN, Angola, Huntington and Kendallville have said that they think their personal health insurance premium costs are skyrocketing every month but recent studies show the cost of these insurance premiums is going to differ widely, primarily mainly depending on factors like- the region where people live, the number of insurance companies and medical providers as well as the number of people who finally chose to register their names. Now, take a gander at those 4 factors affecting health insurance costs while setting premiums under Obama Care Health Insurance (OCHL) that has been discussed below:

  1. Age is a factor- The cost for premiums is usually charged at a maximum of three times more for elderly persons than the younger generation people since they utilize more cost health care services.
  2. Using of tobacco- Insurers can charge tobacco users for smoking maximum up to 50% or even more than those who do not use tobacco.
  3. Location- Location, i.e., the place where you stay can have a huge effect on your premiums. Factors such as- competition, local regulation and the standard of living in different regions are very much accountable for affecting health insurance premiums.
  4. Individual versus family enrollment: Insurers can charge more for a plan that also covers a spouse or dependents.

While the 2 factors that do not affect health insurance premiums under Obama Care Health Insurance (OCHL) are:

  1. Gender
  2. Current history or medical history

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