We’ve got the “cure” for those dreaded trips to the doctor or urgent care center.

Summer is such a delight as we see the transformation of nature everywhere we look.  If you are anything like me, just the sight of poison ivy, oak or sumac invokes a week-long session of miserable blistering bumps and itching that makes me wonder why I enjoy working out in the yard so much.  The urgent care center has always been my go-to for the medication needed to ease the misery – but my definition of “urgent” isn’t quite what these centers have in mind, and has evolved into an event that seems to take more time than trying to get worked into my family physician’s schedule.  Either way, I always ended up waiting.  That is until we subscribed to Call A Doctor Plus here at my office.

Call A Doctor Plus puts non life-threatening physician care right at your fingertips through a delivery process called telemedicine.  Literally within minutes of requesting a consultation (via phone or internet), you could be talking with a certified, licensed physician – from the luxury of your patio lounge chair.  As a subscriber to Call A Doctor Plus, I can describe my poison ivy/oak/sumac rash, and even take a photo from my smartphone and send to the doctor to inspect.  From there, the Call A Doctor Plus physician will contact my preferred pharmacy to order a prescription to reduce the itching and treat the rash (some limitations on they types of prescriptions may apply).  Time is saved and frustration is avoided – allowing me to get back to my gardening sooner!

True story…  My husband is one of those guys that won’t go to the doctor unless he’s dying.  (Well, almost.)  A few weeks ago, he developed a cough that was getting so bad he soon began to wheeze, and struggled to get a good breath.  I told him that he should call Call A Doctor Plus.  The next day when he sounded like he was going to cough up a lung and complaining that he didn’t sleep at all the night before, I asked if he called Call A Doctor Plus.  He said “No”, but he was going to complete his profile online and do it right then.

The profile took about 5 minutes to complete and once saved, he clicked the link to request a consultation.  Less than 5 minutes later, his cell phone rang.  It was one of Call A Doctor Plus’ contracted physicians.  Very friendly, very professional.  He discussed the symptoms my hubby was experiencing and at first indicated that there were several viruses going around that often just need to run their course.  That was until he heard him cough.  At that point, he told my husband that he was going to call in a couple prescriptions.  He instructed him not to take the antibiotic unless his cough persisted for seven (7) days.  He never did require the use of the antibiotic, but did get relief from the other prescriptions ordered.  Time saved, no work lost, and no $30 copay paid out-of-pocket.  He’s all better now, and will definitely use Call A Doctor Plus again.

If you would like additional information or are interested in getting a quote, please contact our office, or click the link below.