Obama Care attempts to reform personal health insurance


Health is important so it follows that things such as Obama Care Health Insurance and personal health insurance will be hot topics. At the same time there is also a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around Obama Care Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act.  It you want to see the types of products and services that you qualify for you should visit the Health Insurance Shop. They offer Personal Health Insurance solutions and plans in Angola, Auburn, Blufton, Fort Wayne, Huntington and Kendalville, In.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA), officially called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and sometimes referred to as ObamaCare attempts to reform the health care industry in the USA. There are millions of Americans who don’t have health insurance and

Obama Care Health Insurance attempts to address and correct this situation by making health insurance more affordable. It also addresses issues such as the quality and availability of both public and private health insurance plans and schemes.


Personal health insurance is big business and costs in this sector have grown to unsustainable levels. This means millions of Americans cannot afford proper health care and that is a problem. Obama Care Health Insurance attempts to reform personal health insurance. Here are some examples of how:

  • Insurance companies are not allowed to drop your coverage if you get sick
  • Insurance companies are prohibited from dropping your insurance simply because you made an honest mistake.
  • Addresses pre-existing conditions
  • Tackles gender discrimination
  • Allows young adults to piggy back on parental plans till age 26
  • Protects policy holders against unreasonable rate hikes

These are only a few examples of personal health insurance reforms that Obama Care attempts to address and rectify. The ideas is to make personal health insurance affordable and available to millions who cannot otherwise afford proper health and medical care.