Health insurance is now compulsory

Insurance is a complicated and confusing subject and health insurance is no exception. Fortunately, online tools and information has made it a lot easier to compare plans and find articles that explain your options. For example, you can use the Health Insurance Shop to get a free no obligation quote. They can help you with health insurance solutions in Angola IN or Auburn IN. They can get you maximum coverage for the least amount of money.

Unless you work for the government or a big company, you will need to find your own health insurance solution. If you want the right insurance solution, guidance when it comes to claims and dispute resolutions, speciality insurance and personalised service then you should deal with an independent broker or agent.

With very few exceptions, all US citizens must have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Individual health insurance is only available for purchase during periods that are known as open enrolment windows. If you don’t have health insurance you could face a tax penalty. You need the minimum coverage for a Bronze plan under the ACA. However, you won’t be subject to a penalty if you get health insurance through your work, or if you are covered by the government. You also won’t be subject to a penalty if your income is below a certain threshold. If you are in prison or an undocumented immigrant, you probably won’t be reading this but you also won’t be subject to a health insurance tax penalty.

In the past if you had a pre-condition it would have been difficult if not impossible to get private or individual health insurance. However, the ACA of 2014 changed all that and you can no longer be refused coverage because of an existing condition. However, your geographical area. age and lifestyle can have an impact on the premium you will pay.