Benefits of Personal Health Insurance

Thinking about getting personal health insurance? Interested in how personal health insurance can help you?

Having some form of personal health insurance is mandatory in most places. Still, there are numerous people who can’t afford getting insured, not even when it is the most basic type of coverage. But you should consider getting personal health insurance, as being healthy is the most important thing.

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Hospital cover

You never know how important is to have hospital cover until you need it. By having personal health insurance, in times of need, you get into hospital faster and:

  • You don’t need to worry about unexpected medical bills
  • You can get more choices when it comes to treatment
  • You can choose where to be treated and by whom
  • You get treated as a private patient

Financial advantages

Did you know that you can pay less after you turn 31? If you for example get hospital cover after you turn 31, you might have to pay with 2% more for your insurance, but if you do it before you turn 31 you pay less.

Extra covers

By having personal health insurance you can add extra covers to it, because not everything is covered with a regular personal health insurance. So, you can choose to have extra covers for:

  • Optical care where you can benefit from contact lenses and glasses
  • Orthodontic and Dental care
  • Chiropractic, remedial massage, or physio visits

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