Call a Doctor Plus is Here!

The Dreaded Office Visit or Not-so-Urgent Care Visit

Isn’t your only option for rapid relief of those day-to-day illnesses.

Studies have shown that most every-day illness can be handled via telephone, but most providers refuse to diagnose a patient without an appointment.  Appointments that can result in hours of lost work time, and lost wages for employees.In an effort to help save time and money, Health Insurance Shop is excited to announce our new relationship with Call a Doctor Plus!  Call a Doctor Plus brings the physician to you via telephone or internet – reducing the wait time for diagnosing one of those every-day illnesses.

Employers can offer this benefit as a supplement to a high deductible health insurance plan, and reduce the agony that some employees suffer by simply needing to see a doctor.  Not only does Call a Doctor Plus cover your employee, but it covers their family members as well.  With 24/7, 365 day access to licensed and certified physicians – your health plan could see reduced utilization for things that can readily be addressed without a trip to an expensive emergency room or urgent care center.  Allowing your employees to get the care they need without reducing productivity.

Call Michelle Walters today to discuss the details.