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Obama Care attempts to reform personal health insurance


Health is important so it follows that things such as Obama Care Health Insurance and personal health insurance will be hot topics. At the same time there is also a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around Obama Care Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act.  It you want to see the types of products and services that you qualify for you should visit the Health Insurance Shop. They offer Personal Health Insurance solutions and plans in Angola, Auburn, Blufton, Fort Wayne, Huntington and Kendalville, In.


The Affordable Care Act (ACA), officially called The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and sometimes referred to as ObamaCare attempts to reform the health care industry in the USA. There are millions of Americans who don’t have health insurance and

Obama Care Health Insurance attempts to address and correct this situation by making health insurance more affordable. It also addresses issues such as the quality and availability of both public and private health insurance plans and schemes.


Personal health insurance is big business and costs in this sector have grown to unsustainable levels. This means millions of Americans cannot afford proper health care and that is a problem. Obama Care Health Insurance attempts to reform personal health insurance. Here are some examples of how:

  • Insurance companies are not allowed to drop your coverage if you get sick
  • Insurance companies are prohibited from dropping your insurance simply because you made an honest mistake.
  • Addresses pre-existing conditions
  • Tackles gender discrimination
  • Allows young adults to piggy back on parental plans till age 26
  • Protects policy holders against unreasonable rate hikes

These are only a few examples of personal health insurance reforms that Obama Care attempts to address and rectify. The ideas is to make personal health insurance affordable and available to millions who cannot otherwise afford proper health and medical care.

Group Health Insurance in Huntington, IN

Group health insurance from an accredited health insurance agent


If you are a company or organization looking for group health insurance in Angola, Auburn, Blufton, Fort Wayne, Huntington or Kendalville, IN then you can get sound advice and a good deal from the Health Insurance Shop. They are an accredited health insurance agent and they deal with selected carriers that specialise in health insurance and they know where and how to find the best deals.

Group health insurance is a plan that offers medical insurance to a select group of people, such as employees of the same company. Members of the group usually have the same benefits under a group health plan. There are many benefits to group health insurance plans from both the employer and the employee perspectives. For employees there is a cost advantage. Group health generally costs less than individual plans offering the same benefits. Premium payments are tax deductible and benefits are tax free. Employees have a greater sense of security and peace of mind knowing that they have medical cover.

From an employer’s perspective there are also tax benefits since the premiums are tax deductible. Potential candidates for a position are likely to prefer an offer that includes health insurance over one that does not. Workers who have access medical aid will be able to get medical care when needed and will therefore likely be healthier than workers who don’t have medical aid and as result don’t always seek medical care they might need. In short a group health insurance will help employers attract employees and create a happier work force with a lower absenteeism and a lower staff turnover.

In order to get best value group health insurance it is a good idea to work with an independent and recommended health insurance agent.

PCORI Fees Due Soon

2015 PCORI Fee is Due July 31st…

Riddled throughout the Affordable Care Act (ACA) / Obamacare were fees for this, and fees for that.  Some significant – some not so significant.  But all of which could be significant if you fail to pay them and pay them timely.

One of the not-so-significant in size or dollar amount is the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute Fee (PCORI) that most group accident and health, or major medical plans are required to pay.

What is the PCORI Fee?

The PCORI fee was established and included in ACA to help fund the research efforts of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute ultimately intended to assist patients, clinicians, purchasers and policy-makers, in making informed health decisions by advancing the quality and relevance of evidence-based medicine. The institute will compile and distribute comparative clinical effectiveness research findings  What exactly that means for most of us will likely never be known.

Who has to pay the PCORI Fee?

Generally speaking, any group health plan that is considered a “specified health plan” is subject to the fee.  For the most part, fully-insured carriers are paying the fee on behalf of their insured contracts.  Self-funded plans, however, must ensure that they include the annual PCORI fee in their 2nd Quarter Excise Tax Filing (due July 31st) – and use Form 720 accordingly.  Form 720 may be found here.

How much is the PCORI Fee?

For 2015, the fee has increased to $2.08 (read the noticehere) for each number of participants on average in the plan.  There are a few different ways self-insured plans may calculate the number of participants, and they include:  the actual count method, the snapshot method, or the Form 5500 method.  Final regulations explain the calculation methods in greater detail.  Click here for more information.

What are some examples of specified health plans?

The IRS has published a chart here to outline plans that would be subject to the PCORI fee.  The most frequently overlooked plan is a self-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that many employers administer in-house.  Excepted benefits are those not generally considered health coverage – or limited scope benefits (i.e. AFLAC Accident plan).  For further info on excepted benefits, refer to the Federal Register here.

Not sure if the PCORI Fee applies to your group?

Feel free to contact me for a no-cost analysis.  I may be reached at, or via phone at (260) 484-7010.

Defined Contribution

Some Employers WANT to Offer More Benefits to Their Employees…

But at the end of the day, the checkbook often doesn’t support the added expense.  We just might have the perfect solution.

INTRODUCING: Defined Contribution

Employers with ten (10) or more eligible employees can now offer a package of voluntary benefits to their employees with NO participation requirement and a minimal $25 per month per employee contribution (by employer).  Employees can choose to use that $25 (plus any additional that they wish to pay) toward the purchase of:

  • Voluntary Life/AD&D – Guaranteed Issue (GI) up to $100,000
  • Voluntary Dependent Life – GI up to $50,000 (issued at 50% of employee amount) for spouses
  • Short-Term Disability – GI with 12/12 pre-existing period
  • Dental – Employer chooses one (1) of four (4) options
  • Vision – Employer chooses “Low” or “High” option

Basic Group Term Life/AD&D can also be included – but does require 100% participation.

Quoting is easy and isn’t based upon the demographics of your group.  Your only requirement is that you have a minimum of ten (10) eligible employees and your willingness to contribute a minimum of $25 per month per employee toward whichever option the employee chooses.

Feel free to contact me for your quote today.  I may be reached at, or via phone at (260) 484-7010.

We do more than just health insurance…

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We do more than just provide health insurance…


Got Poison Ivy?

We’ve got the “cure” for those dreaded trips to the doctor or urgent care center.

Summer is such a delight as we see the transformation of nature everywhere we look.  If you are anything like me, just the sight of poison ivy, oak or sumac invokes a week-long session of miserable blistering bumps and itching that makes me wonder why I enjoy working out in the yard so much.  The urgent care center has always been my go-to for the medication needed to ease the misery – but my definition of “urgent” isn’t quite what these centers have in mind, and has evolved into an event that seems to take more time than trying to get worked into my family physician’s schedule.  Either way, I always ended up waiting.  That is until we subscribed to Call A Doctor Plus here at my office.

Call A Doctor Plus puts non life-threatening physician care right at your fingertips through a delivery process called telemedicine.  Literally within minutes of requesting a consultation (via phone or internet), you could be talking with a certified, licensed physician – from the luxury of your patio lounge chair.  As a subscriber to Call A Doctor Plus, I can describe my poison ivy/oak/sumac rash, and even take a photo from my smartphone and send to the doctor to inspect.  From there, the Call A Doctor Plus physician will contact my preferred pharmacy to order a prescription to reduce the itching and treat the rash (some limitations on they types of prescriptions may apply).  Time is saved and frustration is avoided – allowing me to get back to my gardening sooner!

True story…  My husband is one of those guys that won’t go to the doctor unless he’s dying.  (Well, almost.)  A few weeks ago, he developed a cough that was getting so bad he soon began to wheeze, and struggled to get a good breath.  I told him that he should call Call A Doctor Plus.  The next day when he sounded like he was going to cough up a lung and complaining that he didn’t sleep at all the night before, I asked if he called Call A Doctor Plus.  He said “No”, but he was going to complete his profile online and do it right then.

The profile took about 5 minutes to complete and once saved, he clicked the link to request a consultation.  Less than 5 minutes later, his cell phone rang.  It was one of Call A Doctor Plus’ contracted physicians.  Very friendly, very professional.  He discussed the symptoms my hubby was experiencing and at first indicated that there were several viruses going around that often just need to run their course.  That was until he heard him cough.  At that point, he told my husband that he was going to call in a couple prescriptions.  He instructed him not to take the antibiotic unless his cough persisted for seven (7) days.  He never did require the use of the antibiotic, but did get relief from the other prescriptions ordered.  Time saved, no work lost, and no $30 copay paid out-of-pocket.  He’s all better now, and will definitely use Call A Doctor Plus again.

If you would like additional information or are interested in getting a quote, please contact our office, or click the link below.