Personal Health Insurance in Angola and Huntington, IN

Benefits of Personal Health Insurance

Thinking about getting personal health insurance? Interested in how personal health insurance can help you?

Having some form of personal health insurance is mandatory in most places. Still, there are numerous people who can’t afford getting insured, not even when it is the most basic type of coverage. But you should consider getting personal health insurance, as being healthy is the most important thing.

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Hospital cover

You never know how important is to have hospital cover until you need it. By having personal health insurance, in times of need, you get into hospital faster and:

  • You don’t need to worry about unexpected medical bills
  • You can get more choices when it comes to treatment
  • You can choose where to be treated and by whom
  • You get treated as a private patient

Financial advantages

Did you know that you can pay less after you turn 31? If you for example get hospital cover after you turn 31, you might have to pay with 2% more for your insurance, but if you do it before you turn 31 you pay less.

Extra covers

By having personal health insurance you can add extra covers to it, because not everything is covered with a regular personal health insurance. So, you can choose to have extra covers for:

  • Optical care where you can benefit from contact lenses and glasses
  • Orthodontic and Dental care
  • Chiropractic, remedial massage, or physio visits

Do you want to purchase personal health insurance or you need more information about it? The expert team from Health Insurance Shop awaits you. They have the knowledge and experience to help you understand how insurance works and to help you get the best one for your needs.

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Personal Health Insurance: Angola, Auburn, Blufton IN

Personal health insurance is a vast subject to cover. According to us, the best health plan is a high deductible silver insurance plan obtained on the health insurance marketplace as the plan is being entitled for an HSA (Health Savings Account) as well as both premium tax credits and cost sharing reductions subsidies. Obama Care health insurance is regarded as the best insurance plan as it not only helps to ensure fair health insurance premiums but also curbs premium growth. The main cause of the insurance premium rate hikes under Obama Care is the requirement for insurers to cover high-risk consumers. Leading insurance companies like us at Health Insurance Shop never charge higher rates based on health status or gender in Angola, Auburn, Bluffton, Fort Wayne, Huntington, IN and Kendallville. So, if interested, you can enroll your name here in our company. We help you to obtain private health insurance under Obama Care Health Insurance by the following 2 ways:

  1. Visit the official health insurance marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and fill out an application form. We will find out if you qualify for cost assistance and also will get to compare all health plans offered on the marketplace in your area.
  2. Shop for different quotes outside of the marketplace. People can buy private health plans with the help of a licensed agent or through a broker or even directly from the insurance provider.

Now, let us have a look at the 4 factors affecting health insurance costs for premiums under Obama Care Health Insurance:

  • Residential area- The place where you live has a big effect on your insurance rates (premiums). Local regulation, competition and cost of living in different regions are accountable for this.
  • Age- Aged people can be charged up to thrice more for premiums than younger generation people.
  • Individual and/or family member open enrollment- Make sure to enroll your name in this health plan during open enrollment. Insurers usually charge more for an insurance plan that covers a spouse and/or dependents.
  • Tobacco use- Insurers can charge tobacco users for smoking maximum up to 50% more than those who do not use tobacco at all.

Obama care health insurance premium is paid every month to the insurer. Paying your premium allows you to stay on your policy…

Health Insurance Agent in Angola, Blufton, Fort Wayne, IN

Captive agents, better known as health insurance agents usually sell either only one product or ample of products from one insurance company. They share a strong bonding with the insurance company which they represent, thus, giving them more leverage to make changes in the insurance plan. They are generally paid by the insurers and so the business is not charged for their services. But, finding the right health insurance is definitely a big headache, especially when we are working for ourselves only. It depends on many factors, such as- the place where we live, our age and the health of who is being covered as well as the type of insurance policy that we need. If you decide to work with any health insurance agent in Angola, IN, Auburn, Bluffton, Fort Wayne, Huntington, and Kendallville do visit and have a talk to us at Health Insurance shop about the different types of carriers that we are offering for the past 3 decades. We pay up to 50% of the employee’s premium in all level of plans. To go about hiring a health insurance agent in your area to get group health insurance, we would like to advise you to follow these 8 tips:


  1. Before shopping for group health insurance, ask any of your reliable friends or acquaintances or neighbors for a referral of a good health insurance agent.
  2. Ask the health insurance professional to provide referrals from insurance companies similar to yours, both in size as well as in scope.
  3. Check these references, licenses and registrations.
  4. Check the agent disciplinary record by calling your state’s insurance commissioner’s consumer helpline.
  5. Ask questions to understand the services they provide, the support they will provide and the type of policies or benefits they sell. Services differ from one health insurance agent to another.
  6. Also ask about their areas of specialization and skills.
  7. Besides all such things, ask about how renewals are handled.
  8. Lastly, ask about their business model.

Since group health insurance gives you many personal and professional benefits over most other individual health plans, you should definitely shop for it. However, before purchasing hire a health insurance agent and before hiring one, keep in mind all the 9 factors mentioned above. This is just for your own safety.