Life Insurance in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Decatur, Bluffton, Angola, Kendallville, IN

Life Insurance is one of those things that most people dread talking about, because no one really wants to think about life coming to an end for ourselves, family, or friends. But, the reality is that it does and it will. We simply just do not know when.

Despite the grim nature of the conversation, everyone in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Kendallville, Angola, Decatur, and all of the little “burbs” in between, should consider having the discussion about Life Insurance sooner than later. Although many employers provide a Term Life insurance benefit for their employees – most do not provide a benefit amount that will exceed the cost for funeral and burial expenses. Too often, young families struggle to support themselves with the lose of a parent/spouse and the income that parent/spouse brought into the home because they did not prepare for the “what if”.

At Health Insurance Shop, we work with clients young and old to ensure that the livelihood of families have an opportunity to stay intact in the event that a breadwinner should pass away. With the diverse Life Insurance options that are available today, it is important to sit down with a qualified agent to determine what is best for you and your families needs. Whether it’s Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, or a combination of Life and Annuity options – our staff can help you with your insurance planning.

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Short Term Major Medical Policies in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Decatur, Bluffton, Auburn, Kendallville, Angola and Columbia City

Short Term Major Medical (STMM) is getting a boost from a Bill that was signed by President Trump recently. Although the Bill was not entirely focused on these STMM policies, it does look like the current Administration understands that these types of health insurance coverage have their place in the market.

What is a STMM policy? Short Term Major Medical policies are just what they sound like. They are Major Medical policies that are issued for short-term duration. In Indiana, consumers can buy STMM policies for up to a 12-month period of time maximum – although not all carriers are offering them for this duration.

For individuals in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Angola, Columbia City, Decatur, Bluffton, and all areas in between, STMM policies have become a popular alternative to Marketplace coverage. BUT… be sure you know what you are buying!

Not only are STMM policies short in duration, but they also do NOT cover pre-existing conditions, and most do not include coverage for prescription drugs (ironically, the two areas that most health insurance spending occurs), as well as maternity.

If you live in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Columbia City, Auburn, Angola, Decatur, Kendallville, Bluffton, or any of the “burbs” around the area and you would like to see what your STMM options are, give us a call at (260) 484-7010. We will gladly run some quotes for you!

Medicare Education in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Nobody really wants to reach Medicare Entitlement age. We get that! But since most will eventually get there, we want to ensure that you know what you need to know about your Medicare Insurance options. The ABC&D’s if you will.

Health Insurance Shop holds Medicare Education Sessions every 2nd & 3rd Thursday of each month now through September. During these educational sessions, our aim is to provide the health insurance information and resources that Medicare-Aged individuals need who reside in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Angola, Huntington, Decatur, Columbia City, and all other places in between. NE Indiana is where we service our clients best!

You are most welcome to RSVP for one of our upcoming sessions. If you prefer a more “one-on-one” session – we can do that too! Give us a call @ (260) 484-7010 today!

Please note that these sessions are educational in nature and no specific product information can be discussed. For detailed information or sales specific discussions, please contact us to schedule your personal appointment.

Hospital Indemnity Plans in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Angola, Columbia City, Angola Indiana –

What are they, and are they worth looking into?

Hospital Indemnity is one name given to a type of product that consumers can purchase to “supplement” or fill in the gaps of their health insurance plan. Since many employers and Marketplace plans alike are now higher deductible (even HSA qualified) insurance options, many individuals are looking to secure a way to reduce their out-of-pocket exposure if they were to be required to tap into that deductible due to a hospitalization or major health event. Hospital Indemnity plans can often provide that peace of mind. But how do they work?

Most of these types of plans are designed to pay cash to the owner of the contract in the event that they incur expenses related to a specific health event. Hospital Indemnity plans will generally pay a flat dollar amount in the event of a hospitalization. Some will pay an additional amount for certain major illness diagnosis (i.e. cancer, stroke, etc.), and others will even provide additional “indemnity” payments to the consumer.

Whether or not this type of product is a wise purchase is truly based upon the individual consumer’s perspective. I personally cover myself and my spouse with a Cancer and an Accident plan. Both include Preventive benefits that pay cash for simply having the typically annual screenings that we should all have.

Here at Health Insurance Shop, we work with individuals in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Kendallville, Auburn, Angola, Decatur, Huntington, and all other surrounding locations to help them determine if this type of product is a good fit for them. If you are interested in learning more, call my office or shoot me an email at:

2020 Marketplace Plans for Indiana – including: Fort Wayne, Auburn, Angola, Decatur, Huntington, New Haven, Columbia City.

As of late, it appears that brokers will now be able to enroll Individual’s in Marketplace plans that are offered by CareSource. CareSource intends to contract with agents/brokers for the 2020 enrollment season.

What does this mean for the Indiana Health Insurance Consumer? This means that you will now have a licensed and qualified advocate to assist you with your health insurance enrollment AND plan selection. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) clearly outlines that agents/brokers are the ONLY qualified individuals to discuss plan designs with consumers. Navigators and employees are only qualified to assist with the application process.

As a health insurance broker in NE Indiana, we service Individual Marketplace consumers from: Fort Wayne, New Haven, Decatur, Auburn, Huntington, Columbia City, Angola, Kendallville, Warsaw, and other surrounding communities.

Open Enrollment will begin November 1st and end December 15th. Don’t delay. Call today to schedule your 2020 enrollment appointment!

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