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Health insurance.Bluffton, IN is a town of progress. In fact, it was one of the first in Indiana and across the U.S. to publicly acknowledge its history of exclusion and to make a commitment to becoming an inclusive town that is accepting of people from all walks of life. With all things, change takes time, but it is propelled when people work together for the greater good. The same can be said of the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of your political affiliation, access to healthcare is important for all Americans. Now, individual health insurance is accessible to everyone, regardless of health concerns or pre-existing conditions, and by law, your coverage can’t be dropped or denied even if you get sick. At The Health Insurance Shop, we are pleased to serve individuals, families and businesses throughout Bluffton, providing affordable health insurance options backed by world-class service and support. So, whether you live off West Wiley Avenue or operate a small business on Main Street, you can depend on our health insurance agents to match you with the right marketplace health insurance at the best price.

Are you looking for cheap health insurance in the Bluffton, IN area? The Health Insurance Shop is the only call you need to make! Our staff is comprised of experienced and dedicated health insurance brokers who have the knowledge, resources and expertise to help you evaluate all of your insurance options. From personal health insurance to medicare supplemental insurance, we will work with you to understand your healthcare requirements, goals and budget. This allows us to compare policies and rates, and find you the best solution for your individual needs. We also offer excellent group health insurance programs for your Bluffton, IN business. We know that you want the best coverage for your employees at the best price, and The Health Insurance Shop is here to provide you with just that. We also understand that the Obamacare health insurance regulations can be difficult to understand and navigate. That’s why our health insurance agents stay abreast of all the regulations and changes, and we can help your Bluffton business stay compliant. From the Wabash River to Jackson Street, Dustman Road to Clark Avenue, wherever you are in Bluffton, IN, The Health Insurance Shop has your affordable health insurance solution! Contact us today to learn more.