It’s as simple as clicking the link below if you know your household income is above 400% of Federal Poverty Level (FPL), or contacting one of our CMS Certified* agents to schedule a face-to-face enrollment. Click here to look up your estimated 2014 household income to see where you may fall.

During your face-to-face enrollment, you will be asked to provide household income and other data related to you, your spouse, and any eligible tax dependent(s). All information used to determine eligibility for Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) and/or enrollment in a Public or Private health insurance plan is treated as Personal Identifying Information (PII) and is subject to our Corporate Privacy Policy that may be read here.

*In order to enroll/assist/sell Marketplace plans, agents are required to go through a certification process to ensure that all practices and procedures established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are adhered to. Agents who do not possess a certification from CMS are prohibited from enrolling/assisting/selling Marketplace plans.