COBRA Compliance

Health Insurance Shop, Inc. provides those employers who must comply with the complex Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) regulations with all the compliance help they need. As DOL, ERISA, TAMRA, OBRA and other regulatory areas make changes to the COBRA law, you’ll be protected and well informed.

Although the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has eliminated pre-existing limitations for most health insurance plans, COBRA is still alive and well. Any employer who employs twenty (20) or more full-time eligible employees and sponsors a group health plan must extend the opportunity to continue coverage when it is lost due to termination, reduction of hours, or other traditional Qualifying Events. In many cases, continuation of coverage under COBRA may be a more affordable option for Qualified Beneficiaries when compared to Individual plans available on/off the Marketplace.

Michelle Walters is our resident COBRA professional. For further information, please contact her at: She will explain to you what your obligation is regarding these complex COBRA matters. Although Health Insurance Shop, Inc. does not conduct ongoing COBRA administration, we provide several off-site resources at no cost to our clients. Don’t hesitate to call today!