Life Insurance in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Decatur, Bluffton, Angola, Kendallville, IN

Life Insurance is one of those things that most people dread talking about, because no one really wants to think about life coming to an end for ourselves, family, or friends. But, the reality is that it does and it will. We simply just do not know when.

Despite the grim nature of the conversation, everyone in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Kendallville, Angola, Decatur, and all of the little “burbs” in between, should consider having the discussion about Life Insurance sooner than later. Although many employers provide a Term Life insurance benefit for their employees – most do not provide a benefit amount that will exceed the cost for funeral and burial expenses. Too often, young families struggle to support themselves with the lose of a parent/spouse and the income that parent/spouse brought into the home because they did not prepare for the “what if”.

At Health Insurance Shop, we work with clients young and old to ensure that the livelihood of families have an opportunity to stay intact in the event that a breadwinner should pass away. With the diverse Life Insurance options that are available today, it is important to sit down with a qualified agent to determine what is best for you and your families needs. Whether it’s Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, or a combination of Life and Annuity options – our staff can help you with your insurance planning.

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