Short Term Major Medical Policies in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Decatur, Bluffton, Auburn, Kendallville, Angola and Columbia City

Short Term Major Medical (STMM) is getting a boost from a Bill that was signed by President Trump recently. Although the Bill was not entirely focused on these STMM policies, it does look like the current Administration understands that these types of health insurance coverage have their place in the market.

What is a STMM policy? Short Term Major Medical policies are just what they sound like. They are Major Medical policies that are issued for short-term duration. In Indiana, consumers can buy STMM policies for up to a 12-month period of time maximum – although not all carriers are offering them for this duration.

For individuals in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Auburn, Angola, Columbia City, Decatur, Bluffton, and all areas in between, STMM policies have become a popular alternative to Marketplace coverage. BUT… be sure you know what you are buying!

Not only are STMM policies short in duration, but they also do NOT cover pre-existing conditions, and most do not include coverage for prescription drugs (ironically, the two areas that most health insurance spending occurs), as well as maternity.

If you live in Fort Wayne, New Haven, Columbia City, Auburn, Angola, Decatur, Kendallville, Bluffton, or any of the “burbs” around the area and you would like to see what your STMM options are, give us a call at (260) 484-7010. We will gladly run some quotes for you!