Our goal is to help YOU help your employees live healthier lives and thereby lower healthcare costs for everyone.

Healthcare Reform Implications on Wellness Programs

Under the recently passed Healthcare Reform legislation, employers can offer increased incentives to employees for participating in a workplace wellness program or meeting certain health status targets starting in 2014. Grants will be made available for small businesses that implement comprehensive workplace wellness programs starting in 2011, and technical assistance will be made available to companies of any size.

Help Promote Better Employee Health

Are your employees looking for help to break the smoking habit?

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is a free phone-based counseling service that helps Indiana smokers quit.

Their services include:

  • One-on-one coaching for tobacco users who have decided to quit
  • Resources for healthcare providers who want to improve patient outcomes
  • Two weeks free nicotine replacement therapy to those who qualify, and while supplies last

Michelle Walters is our resident Certified Personal Trainer, and is available to assist you with your fitness questions. Contact her today at michelle@buyhealthinsurancehere.com.

Workplace Wellness