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2020 has certainly brought some unexpected changes to how we service our valuable customers, but rest assured that we remain able and ready to assist whenever the need arises.

As an “Essential Business” that is exempt under the current Stay-At-Home Order issued by our Governor, we remain committed to our duty to provide our clients with the same level of service they would normally expect. Our staff will continue to report to our Lake Avenue office during normal working hours – provided that they show no symptoms and/or have not been exposed to anyone exhibiting symptoms. If, at any time, any one of our staff members believe it would be best for the health and safety of our staff environment that they not report to the office, telecommuting options will be given. Frequent and regular sanitization of surfaces and common areas will be practiced.

Following the recent updated guidance issued by Governor Holcomb, we will resume face-to-face meetings with clients on a limited basis. Individuals who wish to meet with one of our staff members during this transitional phase will be required to use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while on Health Insurance Shop premises. Likewise, our staff will also be required to wear face masks at all times that guests are on-site. We will continue to offer telephonic or web-meeting options during our normal business hours.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time. We look forward to getting back to “business as usual” soon.

Medicare Education Sessions

THANK YOU for an outstanding AEP for the 2021 calendar year!

Meet your Medicare Education Team at Health Insurance Shop, Inc.


JANUARY 14, 2021

Welcome back! Our Medicare Education Sessions have resumed with in-house visitors. During these sessions, we do require Social Distancing be practiced, as well as wearing of masks, temperature checks, and hand sanitizer usage while on premises. But don’t let that discourage you. Join us for one of our upcoming sessions!

Are you

64 or older?

– turning 65 soon?

leaving the workforce and need Medicare health insurance and not sure what to do?

We can help!

Every 2nd & 3rd Thursday of each month through September, we welcome you to join us for a Medicare Education Session from 4-5 PM. Each session is held at our Lake Avenue office, and designed to answer your questions and clear up the confusion that all of the TV ads, junk mail, and even phone calls have left you shaking your head about. Our staff will walk you through the “ABC’s” of Medicare and prepare you to make the best decision for your personal healthcare and financial needs.

Education sessions are designed to educate you about the various options available to Medicare Beneficiaries. During these sessions, we are not permitted to discuss specific plan details, coverage, and pricing. If you wish to schedule a time to meet with one of our certified/licensed agents, please click here to request that we contact you.


Open Enrollment for 2021 Marketplace Plans is now closed. If you are losing coverage or experiencing another “life event”, give us a call to review your options.